Portland Print Marketing Products: Great Ideas for Your PDX Business

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Using Print Marketing for Your Portland Business Marketing is an extremely important aspect of just about any business, regardless of industry or size. You can’t sell your product if no one knows about it, and no one can know about it unless you tell them about it. That’s where print marketing products like the high-quality print products you’ll find at … Read More

Using Print Marketing to Power Your Online Sales

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Print marketing

Driving Sales Conversions With a Combination of Media It doesn’t take too much searching on the Internet these days to find an article that says, in however many words, that in so far as contemporary marketing goes: “Print is Dead.” Much like in the early 2000s when the printed book was declared DOA, the reports of the death of print … Read More

Design Portland: Graphics That Let Everyone Know You’re a PDX Local


Portland graphics

Looking for Some Local Portland Style in Your Marketing and Design Efforts? As a niche community, Portland has always been a little bit different. In recent years, people have flocked to our city, and started to take note that there is a dynamic design community that continues to emerge while setting Portland apart. In Portland, analog and digital innovators collaborate … Read More

7 Important Tips for Trade Show Exhibitors in Portland, Oregon

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Attending an Upcoming Trade Show in Portland? Here’s How to Get Ready It’s trade show season here in the Pacific Northwest, and Portland is no exception. Regardless of your industry, trade show size, and years of experience attending such events, there are several tips that every trade show exhibitor needs to know. Read on to learn 7 essential tips for … Read More