Printing Options
100# Matte/Gloss Cover
110# Gloss Cover
70 or 80# Smooth Text
Stitch Bind
Perfect Bind
Short Runs as Low as 50 Booklets Available
4:4 Full Color All Pages

Printed Booklets: Affordable & Effective

Printed booklets can be an affordable and effective tool to share information and promote your product or service, and because of this, they can do wonders for your business. Printed booklets increase your brand’s visibility in the world, strengthen your brand’s identity with customers, and can also have the potential to motivate sales.

Marketing your business with printed booklets has proven to be one of the most effective advertising techniques out there, and should definitely be part of your business’s strategy. With printed booklets, your company can put targeted, valuable and colorful information in front of clients and prospects alike, allowing you to brand your business and generates more sales.

Things to Consider With Printed Booklets

Sometimes, printed brochures and sell sheets simply don’t give you the space to say what you need to say. And when that’s the case, the booklet becomes your business’s best friend. Or perhaps the message you need to communicate will be more effective if it’s got a longer shelf life. Printed booklets tend to stay in use and front of mind with your customers, because they’re often used as reference material. And a well-designed, attractive printed booklet will typically be passed around from person to person, looking to point out an effective, visually attractive marketing tool.

When you design your printed booklet, be sure to utilize page numbers in the design to ensure proper pagination of the finished product. This will also make the final printed booklet a lot easier to proof.