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Marketing With Printed Newsletters

The large, 11×17 format of the printed marketing newsletter provides ample room to communicate your message to patients, industry colleagues, or customers. And the design team here at East Side Printing Co. can work with you to zero in on the most efficient layout of your articles and content, to ensure ease of reading.

While professionals in the insurance and mortgage industries have leveraged the marketing power of the printed newsletter for some time now, others are quickly catching on. Non-profits and retail brands all stand something to gain from this powerful marketing tool, and because we’re fully equipped on the design and printing sides, we’ll help see your project through from start to finish.

Developing a Strategy for Your Printed Newsletters

There are several things to consider as you prepare to launch a printed newsletter marketing campaign. Start with your intended audience, and be sure to consider all of your current customers, clients, and patients, in addition to any prospects you may not have closed yet. Looking to pad that list with some bigger numbers? There’s always mailing lists that can be purchased to augment the recipients, further spreading your message. Beyond where the printed newsletter goes, you’ll have to focus on what you want to say: and delivering valuable messages and content should be top priority.

Strive to maintain a casual tone when it makes sense, remembering that people will only read materials that sound like there’s a human voice behind the words on the page. And don’t forget you’re marketing, which means that you’ll want to include your offer, as well as any calls to action that belong on the page.

When you use the East Side Printing Co. design team to develop the look and feel of your newsletter template — after the first time, future newsletters will come together faster and always carry a consistent look.