Printing Options
100# Matte/Gloss Cover
110# Gloss Cover
14 pt
16 pt
UV Coating
EDDM Custom Size
4:4 Full Color Both Sides
4:1 Color 1 Side, B&W other
4:0 Color 1 Side

Printed Postcards: A Valuable Marketing Tool

Postcards aren’t just a way to keep in touch with relatives from the beach anymore. High quality printed postcards are a great way for your business to promote a message to the appropriate audience, and to do it without breaking the marketing budget. Furthermore, the printed postcard is the cornerstone for the success of direct-mail marketing. They are a tangible display that can fit in the hand, on the wall, or in the mailbox with ease, allowing your message to stay on your customers’ minds longer.

If you’re light on designers at your business, you don’t have to worry when you choose East Side Printing Co. for all your business printing needs: we offer complete design services, too.

Printed Postcards: Affordable and Long-Lasting

Many small business owners have limited marketing budgets, and for them, buying up large blocks of advertisements in newspapers, weeklies, and magazines just doesn’t make sense, given the ROI. If that’s the case, then taking advantage of printed postcards and our Portland-based direct mail services just might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Among the many benefits, printed postcard marketing is affordable, and you can keep your offers away from prying eyes of your competition — the only people to get your offer, after all, are the recipients! Printed postcards can brand your business in a hurry, and because they’re so cheap, you can afford to test several offers and messages before you land on the perfect design. If you’ve got a brick and mortar retail space, printed postcards are ideal, because they are so easy for your customers to redeem, and for you to keep track of the ROI associated with the campaign.

And remember to order your postcards uncoated on the backside if they are going to be mailed!