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70# Smooth Text
100# Gloss Text

Short Runs of as Low as 50 Flyers Available
4:4 Full Color Both Sides
4:1 Color 1 Side, B&W other
4:0 Color 1 Side
1:0 or 1:1 Black & White

Advertise Your Brand With Printed Flyers

Printed flyers are a great way to advertise your business, because they are designed to get your message across to your current and prospective customers in a hurry. Printed flyers are also flexible, fast and easy to produce, and can be an effective visual way to advertise your product.

Sell sheets have become an essential marketing tool for many kinds of business owners, including sales reps and real estate agents. When you send your sales team out into the world, remember that there are few things more powerful than presenting your line of products or services in full-color sales sheets that exude professionalism and class.

Printed Flyers & Sell Sheets Make You Look Good

High resolution printed flyers and sell sheets can be a wonderful way to deliver a sales pitch with a quality marketing asset in hand, and one that you can leave behind so that your product or service stays on your customer’s mind. If you’re looking to really deliver the goods at your next client meeting, consider ordering printed flyers or sell sheets with a glossy UV coating, which always stands out in a big way. Working the trade show or convention floor? Send every one of your new prospects home with a piece of marketing material that truly represents your brand on the page.

At East Side Printing Co., we can help you design your printed flyers and sell sheets, using our complete staff of in-house designers. Need them shipped to the floor of the trade show in time for an event? No problem — we’ve got you covered. And be sure to consider utilizing full bleed in the design to make a good flyer look even better!