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Revamping Existing Collateral
Newsletter / Sell Sheet Design and Layout
Business Card Design
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Our In-House Design Is Your In-House Design

At East Side Printing Co., we believe that professional design always makes the difference between a good marketing piece and a great marketing piece, whether you’re dealing with a sell sheet or a brand new business card. And this is exactly why we make our team of in-house designers available to all of our clients. And the East Side creative team is ready and willing to tackle any graphic design need that you may have, whether it is a simple tweak to your project or developing full concepts based on your ideas.

Our dedicated, professional design team is here to assist you, making sure you and your business gets the quality and aesthetic you are after with every project. Need business cards designed? Collateral you’re intending to take with you to the next industry trade show? Glossy flyers or printed newsletters? At East Side Printing Co., we are here to help you every step of the way, working to create brand new marketing collateral, or redesigning and polishing what you’re already working with.

The Marketing “Quarterback” of Your Business

We like to use the analogy of being the quarterback for your business, when it comes to designing and printing your marketing materials. And what this means is, you can always lay out the ideas that you have in broad brushstrokes, and then let us do the dirty work for you. Think it can’t be done? Never seen what you’re thinking of before? Just let us know what you need, no matter how under-cooked your ideas may be, and we’ll get you what you need, executing and advising to build your project exactly the way you want it.

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