What Could Your Business Do With a Printed Booklet?

The traditional printed brochure format is ideal for many marketing applications. Brochures can help you spread the word about your business far and wide, and they’re a relatively economical marketing solution. But there are times when a brochure simply won’t do your message justice. For those times, printed booklets are the perfect solution.

Booklets are more costly than brochures, but compared to other forms of advertising, they’re still quite economical. Booklets feel more substantial and permanent that simple brochures, so potential clients are likely to hold on to them longer. A printed marketing booklet creates more of a high-end brand image, and they make a business stand out from the rest of the pack.

Here are some smart, creative ways to use booklets when marketing your business.

The Handy Pocket Guide Printed Booklet

You might take it for granted, but your business is interesting. Not only that, but many of your clients would like to know more about how to get the most from your products and services. The booklet format is the ideal vehicle for concise how-to guides; exclusive, behind the scenes information; and detailed explanations of your products or services.

Marketing With the Photo Album Booklet

printed booklet marketingFor aesthetically oriented businesses, a photo album-style booklet can be an excellent choice. For projects like this, image is everything, so make sure you choose well-composed pictures, and if you’re not confident in your design skills, then you may want to hire a professional designer to help you give your booklet the look you’re dreaming of.

Even businesses that aren’t necessarily all about visual appeal can benefit from this approach. For example, your manufacturing process might be more aesthetically captivating than you realize. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to figure out which aspects of your business are the most pleasing to the eye.

Printed Booklets: Even for the Littlest Customers

If yours is the sort of business where parents often stop by with kids in tow, then why not create an activity booklet for your littlest customers? You can include things like word searches, coloring pages, trivia, and jokes. Your clients will thank you, and your waiting area will be a much quieter and more relaxing place.

Frequently Asked Questions About Booklet Printing

Let’s say you’re selling a product or service that offers wonderful benefits, but still has some mystery or misconceptions attached to it. You probably get asked the same questions on a daily basis. Perhaps your business would benefit from a booklet that answers all of those queries in easy-to-comprehend terms. Clients who receive the booklet before making their initial appointment will arrive better educated on your offerings than they otherwise would have, making your sales process smooth sailing.

Marketing Booklets Can Become Special Keepsakes

If you create a booklet that your potential clients will want to hold on to for sentimental reasons, then you’ll never have to worry about them forgetting your business’s name or phone number.

For example, you might run a tour company. Use your booklet to showcase some of the locales your clients visit, and include a slot for a photo of them and their traveling companions.

Video Tutorial: Setting Up Your Printed Booklet in Adobe InDesign

Booklet Marketing: a Winning Strategy

As you can see, custom printed booklets have many advantages over the traditional brochure format, and they offer so many possibilities to those who think creatively. If your business is located in Portland, Oregon, East Side Printing Co. is here to help: we can weigh in on how best to take advantage of printed booklets to market your business, and then we can work with you to design the perfect booklet. We’ve got printing covered, and we’ll even deliver for free to the Portland metro area. Just fill out the form to the right, or click on Contact and let us know the details of your project today!

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