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Using Printed Postcards to Take Your Business to the Next Level

You already know about the many digital marketing techniques available to your business, but you may not be aware of the fact that one of the most effective marketing techniques is decidedly low-tech.

We’re talking about printed postcard marketing. Even in this era of technological innovation, direct mail and printed postcards still represents a wonderful marketing opportunity for any business.

So what are some of the advantages of direct mail marketing with printed postcards?

Printed Postcards Get to the Point

You’ve probably heard about the concept of the “elevator pitch.” Well, postcards are basically an elevator pitch that you can deliver to anyone, without even having to leave the comfort of your office. Postcards get right to the point, and they do it clearly and quickly by illustrating the advantages of doing business with your company.

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In today’s fast-paced world, many of your potential clients don’t have the time to search for your business online or to read through a lengthy pamphlet. Printed Postcards get your point across immediately.

Printed Postcards Boost Your Brand Image

High-quality printed postcards are an ideal medium for presenting and building your brand’s image. Their undeniable visual appeal makes your company logo really stand out, and stick in the mind of the recipient.

Printed Postcards Can Connect to the High-Tech World

Postcard marketing may be a classic marketing technique, but there’s no reason you can’t bring it up to speed with the digital age. Get your prospects to engage with your business’s online presence by including a QR code that will immediately connect them to your company Facebook page or Twitter profile. Incentivize their engagement with a special offer, and create strong calls to action so the marketing tool becomes even more effective.

Printed Postcards Are an Economical Solution

Unlike many other traditional forms of marketing, the printed postcard is an extremely affordable marketing vehicle. Your business might not have the funds for a television spot or print advertisement, but you can probably find space in your marketing budget for a focused, limited-run direct mail campaign.

Postcards Provide Measurable Results

One of the key benefits of digital marketing is that the results are easily measured. Being able to track a marketing campaign’s effectiveness allows business owners to tweak their techniques in order to obtain the best results.

printed postcard marketing portland

Well, tracking the results of a direct-mail postcard campaign is easier than you might think. Digital printing technology allows business owners to print identical postcards with different calls to action.

The most effective CTAs can be incorporated into future campaigns, and the less effective ones can be phased out.

Postcards Offer Real Connections

As mentioned before, digital printing technology allows alterations to be made on each print of a postcard. That way, each card can address the potential customer by name, and we all love being addressed by name. It makes us feel special.

Postcards Have Visual Splash

How many recipients of your direct mail campaign would go to the trouble of opening a prepaid-postage envelope to see what you have to say? Probably not very many. Postcards have an undeniable visual impact that is attractive to the eye.

People Actually Read Postcards

You may be surprised to learn that nearly 80% of households that receive direct mail marketing postcards actually read them. That’s quite impressive, especially compared to average engagement rates for online search marketing.

Postcards Drive Purchases

Here’s another interesting fact about postcards. More than half of households that receive marketing postcards make purchases as a result of receiving them.

Postcards Have Marketing Reach

Most of us spend plenty of time online, but there are still some folks out there who don’t. Likewise, most people get out of the house on a regular basis, but some people prefer to stay at home. The great thing about postcard marketing is that it reaches everybody.

Printed Postcards: A Marketing Must

Excellent ROI, great branding opportunities, and extensive marketing reach: printed postcards have a lot going for them as a marketing tool. And don’t worry about designing your own; most high-caliber printing companies have designers on staff who will be able to create a marketing campaign that will produce excellent results.

If you’re looking to experiment with printed postcard marketing and direct mail campaigns, East Side Printing Co. in Portland can help. Did you know that we can target postcard mailings to specific demographics, based on our long-standing relationship with our list company? If your mailing requires us to find every female in NE Portland who has 3 kids and rents her house, making 40-60K per year, for example, we can target your postcard mailing to reach only those women who meet your criteria.

That means, your message gets directly to the doorstep of your intended audience. Just fill out the quote form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours or less!

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