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How Your Business Can Take Advantage of the Summer Months.

Summer is in full swing, and most people’s thoughts have turned to staying cool, experiencing the great outdoors, and enjoying time away from work and school.

If your business is like most, then you might see a seasonal dip in sales during the summer months. Truth be told, most of your customers are likely just distracted. That’s why many businesses let their marketing efforts slip when the mercury rises; they’re so used to lean times when the sun shines, that they bide their time and wait for cooler weather.

But there’s no need to simply accept dismal sales numbers during the summer. If you play your cards right, you may be able to make your summer sales soar like a kite at the beach.

Direct mail marketing is an excellent way to do just that. Let’s take a look at some ways to make your direct mail marketing campaigns as effective as possible this summer.

You Have a Captive Audience With Direct Mail

If your prospective clients aren’t out enjoying the sunshine, then they’re probably at home trying to escape it. So you’ve got a captive audience that’s more likely to be receptive to your message when you mail off a few hundred printed postcards or tri-fold marketing brochures. And why not – it’s the perfect time to hit them with a direct mail marketing campaign.

direct mail marketing with brochures

Use Your AC to Your Advantage

Take a look at some online lists of ways to beat the heat. More than a few mention catching a movie or hitting the mall. Why? Because of the free air conditioning! If your business has frosty AC, it might not be your biggest selling point, but it wouldn’t hurt to mention it in your offer.

The Competition Is Not Quite as Fierce During the Summer

Some businesses give up on marketing during the summer, so it may be the best time for your business to double down. If you’ve noticed that your competitors have been slacking off on their direct mail marketing campaigns, then you won’t have to compete for potential clients’ attention.

Dress (and Market) for the Summer Season

You wouldn’t dream of wearing a wool peacoat when it’s 100 degrees out, would you? So why would you use your winter marketing approach during the summer? Make a list of ways that your products can make summertime living better, and use them as selling points.

For example, let’s say you’re in the auto repair and accessory business. Your hottest sellers might be in need of AC recharging and window tints. You might also want to advertise your best deals on car stereos, because everyone wants to crank up the summertime jams.

direct mail marketing with postcards

Or maybe you own a Thai restaurant. You might not want to run a special on red curry, but salad rolls, Thai iced tea, and coconut ice cream are sure to pull in the customers when the temperatures rise.

Optimize your marketing angle for the summer, and you’ll get better results from your direct marketing campaign.

Host a Summer Event to Market Your Business

When the sun is shining, many of your customers are out basking in it. Why not give them someplace fun to go? Host an event at a local park. Offer a class. Sponsor an outdoor concert. You can even collaborate with other neighborhood businesses. Whatever you do, make sure you get the word out with a direct mail marketing campaign to support your efforts, and ensure success.

Have a Sale During the Summer to Promote Your Business

Summer holidays are prime time to break out the wide format printed banners and signs for special sales events. Send out a mailer to let your clients know about your next summer blowout. Discount all of your hot summer sellers such as fans, BBQ supplies, swimsuits, or squirt guns. Plan your sales around holidays and back-to-school weeks. Back-to-school sales may cause low spirits among the junior high set, but you can bet that parents are eagerly looking for them.

Don’t Let Summer Get You Down

Summer can be a tough time for certain businesses, but instead of resigning yourself to abysmal sales numbers, take control with a direct mail marketing campaign. You’ll be glad you did! And when you’re ready to get started on direct mail, get in touch with East Side Printing Co. — we’ll design, print, label, add postage and even drop your mailers off at the post office, all for a single low price!

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