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Doing Business With a Local Portland Printer Is the way to Go

It can be very tempting in this day and age to consider price and perceived convenience first when making any sort of consumer or business decision. Along with the age of the Internet has come the age of individual outsourcing. In this new regime, business owners take work that used to be conducted locally, using local goods and services, and they find a way to do the job cheaper, through the Internet.

While many Portland consumers and business owners are content to accept that “cheap and online” are just the way things are done these days, many others are questioning the level of service they receive, the quality of the finished products they purchase, and the cost of doing business on the Internet to the local economy and community in Portland.

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This is definitely true of those who utilize the services of a digital printer, and doubly true in a city that values community as much as PDX does. In the end, doing business with a local Portland digital printer is better for you, your print job, the local community, and the local economy. Here’s a look at why.

Getting Actual Customer Service From a Portland-Based Business

Doing business with a local Portland digital printer allows you the comfort of receiving actual customer service from a real human being who is also running their business in your community. It allows you input at various stages of the process, and adds in an extra level of accountability.

Doing business locally also allows your Portland-based printer to work with you to achieve the best possible finished product. And the best thing about actual local customer service is that it often, if not always, results in happier customers and a better finished product. When the customer and the service provider work together toward a common goal, the end result is always better.

Supporting Your Local PDX Community and Economy

Doing business with a local Portland digital printer keeps your expenditures in the local community. Local digital printers are, for the most part, small businesses, just like yours. And small businesses are the workhorses of the global, national, regional, and local economy.

By choosing to do business with a local small business in Portland (like a digital printer), you are contributing to the livelihood of several local workers who in turn spend their money supporting local PDX grocery stores, local restaurants, local retail shops, and purchasing all manner of other local goods and services.

Supporting a local business is beneficial to your Portland community in these and many other ways.

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Local Portland Printers Are Better for the Environment

Doing business with a local Portland digital printer actually helps you to minimize your carbon footprint. You may think this nonsense; after all, the paper, the ink, the machinery, and everything else that was used to make your digital print job a success contributed to your carbon footprint, didn’t it? Well, that much is true. But anything manufactured and then shipped to where it is needed incurs a larger carbon footprint because of the miles involved in shipping it.

In the case of a digital printing job, all of the paper, ink, etc. required to produce the final product had to be shipped to a printer and then the final product had to be shipped to you, the consumer. Using a local printer helps to minimize the miles involved in bringing together the products needed to produce your digital print job, and the miles involved in getting the finished product to you. This is a net benefit for the environment over using a remote digital printer.

A Portland Digital Printer Like East Side Printing Is Waiting to Serve You

Perhaps the best thing about keeping your dollars in the community and choosing to do business with a local Portland digital printer like East Side Printing Co., aside from cutting down on your carbon footprint, receiving a better finished product, and providing a needed boost to local small business and the community-based economy, is the fact that local Portland digital printers are ready, willing, and eager to serve you.

If you’ve got a project you’ve been meaning to get to for your small business, get in touch with East Side Printing Co. today – we offer design, consulting, printing and even free delivery to the Portland metro area.

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