Printed Brochure Strategies That Work in This Day and Age, Even in Portland

Reports that the brochure, as a sales and marketing tool, is dead were grossly exaggerated. Even in this day and age with computer technology as the new norm, the printed marketing brochure can serve a purpose in many contemporary sales and marketing strategies.

The trick is to build your brochures correctly, arming them with the tools they need to spur your potential customers to action, so your sales team can employ them effectively in their effort to keep the pipeline full.

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It is easy to get caught up in the comparatively inexpensive, fully contemporary world of a completely digital strategy, but printed collateral can do things digital cannot. Here are five tips and strategies to put brochures to work for you today and into the future – whether your business is located in Portland or beyond.

1 – Spring for Good Design, Copy, and Illustrations When Printing Brochures

This is almost a given and doesn’t really deserve to call itself a strategy. But the reality is that too many companies spend the time, effort, and energy producing print collateral like marketing brochures that does little for them due to the fact that it either lacks data, looks unprofessional, or feels like junk mail.

If you’re going to spend the money to produce a printed marketing brochure for your Portland business, then be sure to start the process off right by springing for the best design, copy, and illustrations or photographs that you can afford. Printing partners like East Side Print Co. offer full-service options, where we can strategize, design, print, and mail your marketing brochures, greatly easing the burden in the process.

If doing it right is out of your budget, then maybe your money would be better spent elsewhere.

2 – Brochure Bundling Doubles the Power and Reach

Given their nature and the consumer’s familiarity with them, brochures make for great print collateral partners to other print, digital, or physical collateral components within an overall marketing campaign.

Use the brochure to drive traffic to your website, an online or phone survey, or any other component of your overall push to generate more business.

3 – The Takeaway (Or the Leave Behind) With Printed Brochures

Brochures can be excellent leave-behind (or take-away) marketing collateral for services and products that require multiple points of contact in order to finalize a sale.

Your sales team may not be able to hang out in your prospective customers’ PDX homes for days on end waiting for the right time to follow up on the initial sales pitch that they received in-house or at your facility, but your printed marketing brochure can.

Just make sure that the printed brochure is equipped to do the by-proxy job you are asking of it.

brochure printed marketing portland printer

4 – Every Printed Brochure Needs a Strong Call to Act (Now)

Well-designed brochures use every available piece of real estate they contain: headlines, sub-headlines, illustrations, body copy, boxes, infographics, etc., to drive the consumer toward a call to action.

That CTA could be calling for a quote, taking an online survey, liking a brand’s Facebook page, or any one of several other possible actions. Just remember: getting the recipient to act (or interact) with your Portland business is the primary focus of every marketing brochure.

5 – Make It Easy for the Customer (to Act) Based on the Brochure

Lastly, make it easy for your potential PDX customer to act by making it clear what they need to do, whether that is calling now for a free tour, filling out a brief online questionnaire in exchange for movie tickets, or whatever you’ve landed on as a call to action to get them into your funnel.

Be clear and be direct. Your primary focus with a printed brochure is not to simply entertain or inform the Portland public; you must get them to act.

The Printed Marketing Brochure Is No More Dead than the Book

Brochures can, despite some opinions, still have a very robust function as a printed collateral component of a larger sales and marketing strategy for your Portland-based business.

Make sure that the printed brochures are designed effectively, provide a clear and compelling call to action, and that they are employed correctly, and you can have this tool of bygone era working to feed your pipeline in no time.

Get in touch with East Side Printing Co. if you’re in need of a trusted partner – we can help you with any printed marketing brochure project you’ve got, aiding in design, strategy, copywriting, printing and mailing, too!