Quality Printed Materials: Your Gateway to PDX Trade Show Success

As a city known for innovation, growth, and industry, Portland is a creative hub, making it a perfect setting for trade shows of all stripes. This season, as you prepare for your next Portland trade show, capitalize on the excellent opportunity to market and establish your brand with high quality printing.

Your image creates an impression, a valuable asset to your business. So ask yourself, how can you best introduce your company to a diverse audience that includes peers, competitors, and industry gurus?

portland trade show print marketing materials

These are big questions that encompass strategy, time, and acute awareness of your brand, and we get that. But one thing we do know? You will want to show up to your next trade show by putting the best representation of your brand out there. So don’t skimp on the details, like printing, and ensure that you are effectively marketing your business.

Before we get into materials and products you might need that require a high quality printing, let’s set a few ground rules for getting printed materials together for your next Portland tradeshow.

Allow Ample Time for Printing Trade Show Materials in PDX

In order to present the best image of your brand with high quality printing, it is important that you aren’t trying to make this a rush job. You may have dozens of logistical details running through your mind, but above all else, be sure to allocate time for design and production of your marketing collateral.

That way, your local print shop of choice can produce high quality printing, and you won’t have to fret over whether your marketing materials will be ready on time.

Go Local, Whether Your Trade Show Is in Portland or Elsewhere

One key benefit to printing materials in Portland for your local trade show? Choosing a local PDX print shop allows for a faster turnaround time, which results in greater flexibility to make sure your design and messaging is on point. And another perk, we don’t charge sales tax for anything that’s sent out nationally.

If you choose East Side Printing as your print partner for your next trade show, we’ll even deliver all your printed materials right to the trade show floor, leaving you with more time to worry about pressing details.

Portland Trade Show Planning: Know Before You Go

As you plan for your trade show, establish clear goals of what you would like to accomplish. Are you trying to reach a specific audience? Do you want to seek out potential collaborative partners? The answers to these questions impact which materials you bring to the trade show, which in turn affects your printing production. So know before you go, to allow for a smooth, high-quality printing process.

High Quality Printing, High Quality Materials

With these ground rules in mind, let’s shift to the next order of business. Once you’re trade show-bound, identify which materials you want to bring. East Side Printing offers high quality printing for a wide variety of products, but here are a few worth noting.

portland trade show print marketing materials

Brochures for Trade Shows

Compact, palatable, and aesthetically pleasing, printed marketing brochures are a great marketing material for trade shows. Brochures allow you present a clear and poignant message, effectively positioning your brand in a format that is easy to deliver.

As someone stops by your booth at the trade show, brochures can be an effective tool for communicating your brand; it’s messaging that is prepackaged to guide you through interactions. And if someone is quickly making the rounds and passing by, a brochure is a great tool that allows them to digest the information later, on their own time.

You can rely on East Side Printing, your local print company, to deliver high quality printed brochures for your next trade show in Portland.

Business Cards Go Hand in Hand With PDX Trade Shows

In the media, seven-second sound bites are one of the most common and most effective tools for transmitting information to listeners and viewers. The marketing equivalent? Business cards.

Detailed to mirror your brand, a business card is a punctuated statement, a first impression, and a great way to forge a connection with a new contact. Work with your favorite local printer in advance of your next Portland trade show to assure high quality printing. Each detail, from the weight of the paper, to the colors and the graphics, is essential, so leave nothing to chance!

Get in Touch With East Side Printing Before Your Next PDX Trade Show

If you’re ready to start putting together materials for your next Portland trade show, don’t delay! Get in touch with East Side Printing Co. today, and we will work with you to produce high quality printing. And don’t forget – we offer free delivery to the Portland metro area, so all your newly printed materials will land right in your hands on the trade show floor!