The Printed Calendar Isn’t Dead

Despite the rise of the Internet, we still mail things to each other, use reference books, and stubbornly cling to broadcast and cable television. And despite the rise of the smart phone, neither the watch nor the calendar is dead. In fact, printed calendars—whether in desk or wall form, are still very much a part of everyday life for many people. You don’t have to be ancient to still enjoy the beauty and versatile usability of a good calendar.

Calendars make excellent gifts, and one reason why they haven’t gone the way of the VCR is that they are completely customizable these days. Any local copy shop or printer can take your personal messages, photos, and artwork and turn out a one of a kind series of calendars suitable for holiday giving, marketing collateral, or any one of several other potential uses.

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The Desk Calendar

Do you enjoy the sense of discovery that accompanies unveiling a brand new thing? You can give a small slice of that feeling of euphoria that comes with discovering something new, by printing a customized desk calendar that includes an inspirational quote, a child’s drawing, a famous piece of artwork, or any other message or graphic you like. Desk calendars also make great gifts for employees and loved ones who work in office settings.

The Wall Calendar

With twelve large scale and multiple smaller graphic opportunities in every package, nothing marries the utilitarian with the aesthetic quite like a well-designed, beautiful wall calendar can. Call out important dates, holidays, delivery dates, birthdays, and anything else you wish while supplying your calendar recipients with beautiful artwork, homemade artwork, pictures of the grandkids, inspirational images, or whatever else your imagination desires.

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Options Available to You and Other Concerns

Most printers will be ready to either offer you a customizable template or a fully custom option for the creation of your calendar. Wall calendars come in two basic formats: one image for the entire year with tear off monthly sheets at the bottom, or a full wall calendar with a different main image for each month of the year. Most businesses and organizations opt for fully customized calendars, as they can be the most effective for branding and cementing brand awareness in customers, distribution partners, and suppliers.

Many individuals also elect for fully customized calendars, wanting to use their artwork and messaging throughout. But if you’re pressed for time, or just don’t want to undertake designing your own calendar for work or pleasure, the templates are there.

You will want to make sure to plan ahead for your calendar. Typically the first calendar in, whether at work or at home, becomes the de facto calendar of choice just out of expediency and inertia. You’ll want to make sure, especially if you are doing this for work purposes, to beat your competition to delivery.

Your Local Portland Printer Is Ready to Help You With Calendar Printing

Your local Portland printer stands at the ready to take your artwork and preferences and turn out something perfect for your friends, family, coworkers or customers. If you only have a handful of ideas, or a vague concept of how you want your finish product to look, don’t worry – East Side Printing Co. can help you put together something spectacular on a budget. Nothing says you care quite as well or for as long a duration as a personalized calendar.

[Images via: Wikimedia, Flickr, Wikimedia]