Printing Up Some Love This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, you may be wondering what you can do to get the word out about your business while showing your appreciation for customers and employees on this amorous holiday. After all, what more thoughtful way is there to say – thanks, we’re thinking of you and your business is special to us.

While the simple paper valentines you exchanged in elementary school aren’t quite appropriate in a professional setting, there are plenty of thoughtful and “grown-up” Valentine’s Day-themed gifts and promotions that allow business owners to spread the love. Read on for our guide to 10 of the most innovative ways for holiday-savvy business owners to do just that.

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1. Flyers for Romantic Gift Packages

If your business sells products or provides services that would make an appropriate gift from one romantic partner to another, combine a select few to create a gift package intended to be given as a Valentine’s Day Gift. And when you’re ready to promote it, get the word out with professionally designed flyers from your local print shop. For inspiration, take a look at this clever V-Day gift package from Heinen Landscape.

2. Custom Candy Wrappers for the Office Party

Create a memorable gift for employees with one of a kind, commemorative Valentine’s Day candy bar labels from your local printer. Attach them around bars from your favorite local chocolatier, and include a festive and affectionate message such as “the office is a sweeter place because of you!”

3. Valentine’s Themed Coupons

Get into the romantic spirit by partnering with local printing professionals to create special edition Valentine’s day themed coupons to hand out to customers. Try this: “Bring someone you love and receive 10% off your purchase!”

4. Use Your Newsletter to Share Stories of Affection

If you’re already distributing a monthly printed newsletter to clients or customers, take advantage of this romantic holiday by creating a special feature in February’s newsletter in which staff members share their most romantic stories. This could be anything from how they met their significant others, to how they proposed to one another.

5. Festive Banners for Business Windows

This year, let the whole neighborhood know that you support good old fashioned romance with a festive Valentine’s Day window banner. Work with a local designer to create custom graphics that will turn heads and increase foot traffic!

valentines day printed marketing colllateral

6. Branded Heart Shaped Stickers

Whether you’re 5 years old or 50, stickers are just plain fun. Get into the V-day spirit by working with your local print shop to create heart-shaped stickers with your company’s logo printed right in the center. Use them to identify items eligible for a discount as part of a promotional Valentine’s Day sale, or simply hand them out with every purchase during the week leading up to February 14th.

7. Affectionate Postcards

Try creating a fun and informative postcard to be mailed or handed out to clients and customers with a Valentine’s Day spin. If possible, try to find some romantic statistics that can be creatively tied back to your industry, and turn them into an interesting and engaging infographic, like Clorox has done with kissing statistics.

8. Custom Coloring Pages

For any business, providing fun activities for your customers’ children will show parents that you truly value their patronage. Contact your local printing experts to find out how easy it can be to create customized coloring pages that feature your logo! (Be sure to stock up on some of those little boxes of crayons to pass out, too!)

9. Custom Gift Wrapping for Romantic Presents

If you expect that you’ll have customers purchasing your products or services as a Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one, reassure them that it’s an appropriate choice by offering free giftwrapping with V-Day flair. Make a big impression with custom-printed gift bags that prominently feature your company’s logo!

10. Self Love Coupons for Employees

Show your employees that you value their hard work with a professionally designed and printed booklet of “self-love” coupons for employees. Offer coupons that grant an extra half-hour lunch break, two hours of PTO for a massage or spa visit, a 30-minute free pass to browse Facebook or other social networks, and any other creative ideas you can come up with!

There’s a good chance that your employees will share the love right back with increased focus and productivity resulting from good self-care in the workplace.

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There are countless ways for business owners to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. Whether you’re looking for a small gesture to join the fun of the holiday, or a carefully executed campaign that puts up serious numbers, East Side Printing Co. in Portland, Oregon is ready to help make it happen. Be a sweetheart and get in touch with us today!