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Taking Advantage of Wide Format Printing in Portland

If you have a small business, you need to pull out every marketing trick you can in order to succeed. Because of this, one great weapon that should definitely be in your small business marketing arsenal is wide format printing. Here are eight of the best examples of how you can use wide format printing in your business.

Wide Format Printing for Small Business Marketing

Wide Format Posters

You only need to look at any movie advertisement to see how effective a wide format poster can be. Whether your business is something as expansive as a movie theater or as modest as a small bookstore, having a few full color wide format posters around town or even in front of your shop simply has to grab people’s attention.

Wide Format Signs

The whole point of signs is to get noticed, so when you’re making a sign, you want it to be as big and colorful as possible.

You don’t want anyone to miss your grand opening because they couldn’t make out your sign from across the street, and if you’ve got a competitor nearby, you don’t want your potential customers to go to them rather than you because your sign wasn’t eye-catching enough.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re running – if you need customers, you want your signs to be printed on a wide format printer.

Wide Format Vehicle Graphics

Wide Format Printing for Small Business Marketing

Do you use a van or other vehicle in your business? Whether you’re a moving company, a flower delivery business or a taxi service, if you or your employees are driving around town without wide format graphics on your vehicle, you’re wasting countless amounts of free advertising.

Putting wide format graphics on your vehicle is effectively making a billboard for your company that moves all over town, letting everyone far and wide know exactly what you’re selling.

Wide Format Cutouts

Not every business can benefit from cutouts, but you’d be surprised how many can. Cutouts are fun and a type of advertising that’s unique and bound to get attention in the way that signs and posters can’t. And, people like to take and share pictures of themselves with cutouts, which means information about your business is being shared, too – perfect for social media marketing.

Wide Format Flags

Have you considered purchasing a flag to market your business? Whether you’re a real estate company letting people know about an open house on the street, or a small grocery wanting to alert passersby to some of your most popular inventory items, a flag can be a great way to do it.

Flags are relatively easy to put up, and the motion the wind creates tends to draw the eye to them, giving your advertising dollar even more power.

Wide Format Wall Art

If a poster is a great way to show off your designs, then why not a whole wall? If the walls of your business are currently just blank space, you can take advantage by putting up some wide format wall art.

Whether you use it to inform visitors about some aspect of your business or just to add atmosphere, wide format wall art can be a terrific way to keep people engaged with your business.

Wide Format Seat Covers

Okay, this one’s definitely not for every business, but if you do have a business that involves seating people, why not give them something interesting to sit in? Wide format printed seat covers enable you to brand your seating, put advertising on them, or just spice them up to delight and beguile your customers. The reaction you get when people see those seats for the first time may itself be worth the price.

Wide Format Murals

If you’re really ready to go all the way with your wide format printing, a wide format mural is the way to do it. A panoramic image that goes all the way around one wall or beyond, portraying different scenes related to your business, is sure to create an atmosphere of style and quality and your customers can’t help but notice. Wide format murals make your business distinctive and unforgettable.

Ready to Put Wide Format Printing to Use for Your PDX Business?

If you haven’t taken advantage of wide format printing for your business yet, what are you waiting for? You’ve probably got tons of great ideas now, so contact East Side Printing for your wide format printing needs today. We’re here to help you conceptualize, design and print anything your business needs to market your products or services better!