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Wake Up Portland! Wide Format Printing Is the Answer

Wide format printing has a number of extremely useful applications for businesses of just about every type and size. If you’re not sure how wide format printing can help your business, we’d like to jog your creativity a bit in this helpful article.

The right use of wide format printing could potentially increase your business so dramatically that your wide format printing costs will essentially pay for themselves in a short period of time. So, to get those ideas flowing, here are ten ways to consider how your Portland business might use wide format printing effectively.

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1. Printing Wide-Format Posters

One of the most obvious uses for wide format printing is posters, and one of the places this is most commonly seen is within the movie industry. Without their “one sheet” movie posters advertising and getting audiences excited about the movies they are showing, it’s hard to know how movie theaters would fill the seats.

2. Wide Format Printed Flags

Flags are another eye-catching way to draw potential customers to your business. You see flags commonly in use by Realtors, taking advantage of their portability and the way the wind creates attention-grabbing motion to draw people away from the sidewalk and towards the homes for sale.

3. Wide Format Mural Printing

If you’ve got plenty of people walking by your place but not that many going inside, a wide printed mural along the side of your business could change everything. If you’re a clothing store with a full wall outside showing off your style and designs, for instance, you just may start attracting a lot more customers.

4. Wide Format Signs

Let’s say it’s the grand opening of your new outdoor supply shop and you want everyone to know about the great discounts you’re offering. A great way to do it is with a few wide format signs. The whole point of signs is to be seen, so the wide format lends itself to them perfectly.

5. Getting Vehicle Graphics Printed With Wide Format

What if you’re a company that uses a vehicle, like a flower delivery service or a catering company? Why waste all that good advertising space? Use the wide printing format to plaster a great ad right across the side of your van.
6 Wide Format Printers Can Make Human-Sized Cutouts

If you’re an exercise company and you want to show that your method or products get results, a few wide printed cutouts of fitness models who may have used your system might be just the boost you need. The nice thing about cutouts is they are extremely portable, so they can go out front, inside, or wherever you need them.

7. Wide Format Banner Printing

These days, we think of banner advertising as something you see on the Internet, but a physical banner can be just as effective for promoting your new bar/restaurant or other business.

8. Printing Wall Art on a Wide Format Machine

Once you get clients in the door, you still want your brand to be on their mind. To keep potential clients thinking about your consulting company, for example, some great wall art to highlight your company’s brand using wide format printing could be the answer.

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9. Seat Covers?!

Another way to keep marketing once you’re in the door is with seat covers. If you’ve got a small theater in Portland and want your audience to know about your next big show, this can be an effective way to get the word out to PDX movie lovers who will flock to see the next movie or performance.

10. Window Coverings Are Made on Wide Format Printers

If you’re a business with a garage door that has a lot of windows like a car dealership you may not need them all open and letting light in. Using wide format printing to make window coverings can control light flow while you advertise your Portland business, driving more customers through the door.

With Wide Format Printing, Your Only Limit Is Your Imagination

Hopefully by now it’s clear that when it comes to using wide format printing to effectively advertise and promote your Portland-based business, you’re really only limited by your imagination. Designs made with wide format printing are bright, clear, unforgettable and unavoidable.

When you’ve got an exciting product or service to sell, you should want to shout it out to the world. That’s just what wide format printing does, in any number of different ways, as you can see from the examples above. Ready to try wide format printing for your business? Get in touch with East Side Printing today, and we’ll help you with your wide format printing job, from design to delivery!