Getting Printed Marketing Materials Ready for a Portland Tradeshow

From March 8th to March 12th, the Portland Metro Expo Center will transform into the ultimate RV sales destination. As prospective buyers file in line to tour models and negotiate with RV dealers, the Portland Metro RV Show will also host over forty exhibitors who will set up shop in the expo center to market services ranging from cutlery to distilling.

If you’re one of these local Portland vendors, you need to maximize your sales potential by preparing printed marketing materials for the Portland Metro RV Show. Here are some of the best examples of how can you market your business at tradeshow events with printed marketing materials.

marketing materials for the Portland Metro RV Show

Custom Printed Postcards

Get out ahead of your competitors by using printed marketing materials for the Portland Metro RV Show before the event begins. Promote your company’s upcoming trade show exhibit by sending out custom printed postcards to both current and prospective customers.

Eye-catching and colorful postcards are simple to design and relatively inexpensive to produce, which makes this printed marketing product a great tool for attracting customers to your business for the Portland Metro RV Show.
A word of advice: be sure to include all the necessary information (event time, place, hours, etc.) on your postcard to make everything clear and accessible for your customers!

Large-Scale Boards for the Portland Metro RV Show

If a poster is a great way to show off your designs, then why not expand the dimensions? Tall, foam-core boards that are over 6 feet will attract attention to your booth, as visitors scanning the space will notice your printed marketing materials with ease.

Whether you use it to inform visitors about some aspect of your business or just to add atmosphere, oversized boards can be a terrific way to attract people to learn more about your business.

Printed Cutouts

Ready to get creative? While boards help your trade show booth gain visibility, you can definitely stand out from the rest of the crowd with a wide format cutout. Cutouts are fun and interactive; it’s a type of advertising grabs customer attention in a way that signs and posters can’t.

Design your printed cutouts to foster delight, as people enjoying snapping and sharing pictures of themselves with cutouts – an easy and effective social media marketing tool that will help attract more customers to your exhibit at the Portland Metro Expo Center.

Why Not Try Flip Books for the Metro RV Tradeshow in PDX?

Do you have a strong portfolio of images that you know will help you sell your product? Flip books are great printed marketing materials for trade shows, so why not put together an image-heavy flip book that displays your product.

As you minimize text, you make the content engaging and digestible for customers. Use the flip book as a launching point: pique your customers’ curiosity with a visually engaging flip book, and then initiate a conversation that sells your product!

marketing materials for the Portland Metro RV Show

Branded Giveaways for Your Business

There’s no rule that printed marketing collateral should stay limited to traditional paper and board materials. Market your brand at the Portland Metro RV Show by providing custom printed giveaway items.

Your printed marketing giveaways should reinforce your company and its brand: if you’re an outdoor-based company, consider printing your company information on a flashlight; if you’re a financial planning group, think about printing your firm’s details on desk accessories.

A general tip: provide a printed giveaway item that adds value. A printed item with utility will resonate with customers and it will be retained much longer.

Ready to Use Printed Marketing Materials to Sell Your PDX Business?

If you haven’t taken prepared printed marketing materials for the Portland Metro RV Show this month, what are you waiting for?

You’ve probably got tons of great ideas now, so contact East Side Printing for your wide format printing needs today. We’re here to help you conceptualize, design, and print anything your business needs to market your products or services better!