Attending an Upcoming Trade Show in Portland? Here’s How to Get Ready

It’s trade show season here in the Pacific Northwest, and Portland is no exception. Regardless of your industry, trade show size, and years of experience attending such events, there are several tips that every trade show exhibitor needs to know.

Read on to learn 7 essential tips for trade show exhibitors here in Portland, Oregon and beyond, and make sure you get the most out of the next convention that you attend.

1. Plan Ahead for the Trade Show

Your work begins before the trade show starts. In the weeks leading up to the exhibition, you should consider advertising your upcoming event by sending out informational postcards and marketing on social media. By printing eye-catching fliers and cards, you get out ahead of your competitors at Portland trade expos before the event begins.

By promoting your company’s upcoming trade show exhibit on Facebook, you can advertise giveaways and incentivize attendance. Whether you choose to direct your energy towards digital or print advertising, be sure to prepare for your Portland trade show events before the expo begins to gain the best results at the event.

2. Don’t Sacrifice Quality in Your Marketing Materials

Every expo you set up and attend is a direct reflection of your business and the product or services that you deliver, so don’t sacrifice the quality of your trade show marketing materials.

To come ready with the best marketing collateral, always choose a local printer – East Side Printing is here to help, and will even deliver your printed marketing materials to the floor of the trade show, so you have one less thing to worry about.

While it’s tempting to outsource your trade show exhibit printed materials for perceived cost and convenience benefits, keeping your dollars in the local community and choosing to do business with a Portland digital printer like East Side Printing Co. offers widespread benefits.

Not only do you walk away with thoughtful, well-crafted trade show materials, but you also reduce your carbon footprint and provide a needed boost to local small businesses and the community-based economy.

3. Prepare Your Trade Show Marketing Materials and More

Be sure to allow ample time to prepare any printed materials you plan to bring to the trade show. Whether you plan to print one-sheet flyers, large cutouts, business cards, or brochures, set aside time to brainstorm what materials you want to bring, how you plan to transport advertising tools to the exhibition, and how many of each item you’ll need to print.

portland trade show printing

4. Choose Your Differentiator

As you prepare for your upcoming Portland trade show, ask yourself: how are you going to stand out from the crowd and your competition?

Before you attend a trade show, establish what will set you apart from the crowd. Perhaps your differentiator will be a visual cue, such as a waving flag or a large cutout that prospective clients easily identify in a sea of vendors. Or perhaps you will mark your brand through a custom printed giveaway.

The possibilities are limitless, but don’t let this task fall by the wayside before you attend your next trade show exhibit here in Portland.

5. Print Branded Giveaways for the Trade Show

One of the best ways to make a lasting impression after the tradeshow doors have closed is to provide your prospective customers with custom printed giveaways.

Your printed marketing giveaways should reinforce your company and your business’s brand. For example, if you’re an outdoor-based company, consider printing your company information on a flashlight. Or if you’re a financial planning group, think about printing your firm’s details on desk accessories.

A general tip: choose utility over thrills. A branded giveaway item that adds value will resonate with customers, and will ensure that they are reminded of your business every time they use the giveaway item.

6. Know Your Customer Base

Trade show exhibitions should revolve around the customer. How does your product or service provide something that is of value to your customer? You’ll want some graphics that appeal to a broad audience, of course, just to catch anyone possible, but also set some specific goals and make a plan to know whether you should be printing sales sheets or flip books, for example.

7. Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Prepare for the PDX Tradeshow

A word to all trade show exhibitors in Portland: allocate enough time to effectively handle the design, ordering, proofing, and delivery of your expo materials.

Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to handle all your printing needs, capturing the best rates you can get in delivering what you need to draw in the crowd at your next Portland trade show event.

East Side Printing is ready to work with you, so that you can have the very best experience at your next PDX tradeshow or convention. Get in touch today and tell us about your project – we’ll make sure you’re all taken care of before the tradeshow begins!