Using Print Marketing for Your Portland Business

Marketing is an extremely important aspect of just about any business, regardless of industry or size. You can’t sell your product if no one knows about it, and no one can know about it unless you tell them about it.

That’s where print marketing products like the high-quality print products you’ll find at East Side Print Company come in. Here are a few print marketing products and ideas that can really put a spark into your Portland business – whether it’s a restaurant, a flower shop or a handmade good store – and help you get the word out around town.

Print Banners for Portland Businesses

Banners and wide format printing are great at grabbing people’s attention, and they effectively extend the range of your advertising plan. Banners draw the eye and bring traffic towards your store or display. They are also a great way of letting people know about current promotions, sales or discounts.

If you’re opening a furniture store in Portland and want everyone to know about your across-the-board 15% off grand opening discount, a colorful, eye-catching printed banner is the perfect way to do it.

Printed Marketing Booklets Tell a Story

The nice thing about a printed marketing booklet is that it gives you the opportunity to showcase your Portland business in detail. For example, if you’ve got a veterinary business in Portland, you can use one page to provide your information, another to discuss all of the animal care services you provide, and another to show pictures of some of your happy patients, together with glowing testimonials.

In addition to providing valuable marketing information, a booklet can tell a story about your PDX business and what makes you unique. Also, they are mass-producible and portable, so it’s easy to use them to get the word out.

Life-Size Cutouts for Your Portland Store and Social Media Feeds

Life-size cutouts are a fun and unique way to promote your Portland-based business. If you’re going to a trade show, a clever cutout is sure to draw people to your booth. If you sell wedding services in Portland, for example, having a life-size cutout of a happy couple on their wedding day is a wonderful way to get potential customers excited about using your company on their special day.

If you run a movie theater in Portland, a life-size cutout makes a great “action-oriented” ad to put people in the mood to see whatever you are screening, and you can stand it up right in the lobby. Additionally, life-size cutouts also make for great material that your customers can use in their social media feeds, thereby promoting your goods and services in the process.

Large Format Posters Can’t Be Ignored

Large format posters are another excellent way to add color and style to your advertising in a medium that cannot be ignored. It’s extremely difficult to walk by a Portland storefront or tradeshow booth with a big, splashy poster on the side and not stop by at least for a few moments to check it out.

Large format posters also work great for your Portland second-run movie theater, as well as for other Portland businesses, like for example a restaurant, where you can use the poster to show a larger-than-life version of your menu, or highlight some of the restaurant’s special dishes and features.

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Magnets: Get Your Branding in Front of More People

Magnets are a great way to get the word out about your PDX brand. If you’ve got a plumbing or appliance repair business in Portland, giving someone a magnet to slap on their fridge so they know right away who to call if something breaks down can be a huge boost to business.

If you’re going to a trade show in Portland, you want to have something to give away to visitors to your booth so they will remember you. A branded magnet is the perfect item for this purpose.

Note Pads Offer Something Useful to Remind People About Your PDX Business

Note pads are another great printing giveaway for your Portland-based business. Everyone needs to jot a little something down here and there, and if you provide the note pad, those people will see and remember your business every time they go to write something down.

If you sell groceries or office supplies in Portland, or any other retail business where someone will often need to buy multiple items during a trip to your shop, for example, a branded note pad is perfect, since they can use your note pad to make a list of items they will buy in your store!

For trade show materials or other general marketing materials in Portland like business cards and printed newsletters, printed banners to posters and all the rest, contact East Side Printing Co. in Portland today.