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10 Tips for Designing Stunning Professional Letterhead

Your business’s letterhead is important. It makes your written communications stand out and look more professional. It helps establish your brand identity and bolsters band engagement. It lends credibility to your company, and it’s an excellent marketing opportunity. In this article, we’ll talk about some key tips that will help anyone design a stunning, credible, and professional-looking letterhead.


How to Assess Business Card Quality Like a Diamond

When it comes to actual cash value, your business cards aren’t worth that much. If they are, then you may be paying too much for them. Jokes aside, a well-designed, high quality business card can be worth more than its weight in diamonds if it successfully makes paying clients out of those who receive it. Not sure if your business cards are up to snuff? Let’s learn how to assess business card quality with the eyes of a journeyman jeweler. Learn how to assess business card quality now.

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