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Standard business cards; from everyday to extra special.
We offer high-quality, full-color digital business card printing services at East Side Printing Co. in Portland, Oregon. Custom business cards are available on multiple premium paper stocks. Round corners and folded business cards are also available. 

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Don’t have access to a designer? We’re available to solve that dilemma.  Our experienced team can work with you on flyer design and other brochure printing options for your business.

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Printed Business Cards: Your First Impression

The business card is a classic yet timeless representation of you and your business. And perhaps more importantly, a business card is often the first piece of marketing, and the first brand impression that a potential client or customer will receive. Because of this simple fact, your business cards should be held to the same quality that you hold your entire company. Today’s technology allows us to print cards quickly, without sacrificing an ounce of quality. When you get low on cards, let us know and we’ll get you restocked quickly.

Sure, the information that you want to include on your business card has changed quite a bit over time — with Twitter handles replacing Fax numbers, and titles for executives evolving every year. But no matter what you decide to include, that little card will be the piece of you and your business that you leave behind — at marketing socials, business meetings, or on the off chance you meet a potential client or partner when you’re off the clock. We’ll help you get exactly the design that you’ve been thinking of, working to create a compelling custom business card that speaks directly to the strength of your brand.

Strategies for Creating Business Cards

There are a few things worth keeping in mind when you’re looking to create your business cards. Make sure you understand the impression that the card will give off based on the design you choose — if your business must relate sophistication, then your business card should too. Consider all the elements at your disposal, from the weight of the paper, to the corners of the card, the type, the colors, and whether or not to add graphics. Whenever possible, don’t be afraid to spend some money on well-designed business cards — they’re just too important not to make sure they’re perfect.

Need to add a little style to your business cards? Let our design team make your card stand out in a pile! Find out how with our various business card printing services.

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