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You’ll never have to fold a letter or stuff an envelope again! East Side Printing Company is a full-service mail house. We offer mailing list purchases to ensure the best result for your target audience. You’ll also save money by sending at a bulk postage rate. 

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What we offer

  • High speed addressing
  • List procurement
  • List processing
  • Folding & Inserting
  • Presorted Standard & 1st Class Postage Permit
  • EDDM (Every door direct mail®)

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Frequently asked questions about our mail services

What are the steps for Direct Mailing Service?

  • Place your order with East Side Printing Co.
  • Complete proper mailing form and upload your provided mailing list.
  • Payment of mailing service charges and postage fees.
  • Approval of PAMF (proof authorization mailing form).

What are the minimum pieces required for mailing?

  • Presorted Standard – minimum 200 pieces
  • Presorted First Class – minimum 500 pieces
  • Non-Presort First Class – minimum 200 pieces
  • Non-Profit (Standard) – minimum 200 pieces

What type of paper can we ink jet for mailing?

We can ink jet on paper that does not have UV coating on postage side and address block.

  • 100lb book
  • 100lb cover
  • 4/1 14 or 16pt
  • 4/4 Spot UV or UV Front
  • Matte 14pt or 16pt
  • 70lb bright white

What is the address/indicia layout for mailing?

You must have: 4w x 2.5h inches of blank space at the bottom right hand corner for addressing and barcode. 1w x 1h inches of blank space at the top right hand corner for the indicia/permit.

What is included in mailing services?

  • Data process of one mailing list ($25 for each additional list)
  • C.A.S.S. Certification (Coding Accuracy Support System)
  • N.C.O.A (National Change of Address)
  • De-dupe list
  • Pre-sorting
  • Ink-jet setup and addressing
  • Post Office delivery

How much is the mailing service charge?

The mailing service charge is based on the quantity of your mailing order.

What is the turnaround for mailing?

Mailing turnaround begins once PAMF is received. PAMF form submitted before the 1 P.M. (P.S.T) deadline will be considered the first day of turnaround. Here are the turnaround times for data processing:

  • 200-25,000: 1-3 business days
  • 30,000-60,000: 3-5 business days
  • 70,000-100,000: 5-7 business days

How do we get a postage estimate?

Postage rates are on the mailing services site. Actual postage costs will be determined once we process your provided mailing list.

Is postage included in the mailing service cost?

No, postage is a separate charge.

How do we pay for mailing services?

Mailing services charges will be calculated at the time of your print order. This charge will be included in your sub-total at the end of your order process and these charges will be applied to the credit card you use to place the order.

How do we pay for postage?

Postage has to be paid by check only. A copy of the check should be faxed/e-mailed to us.

What happens to the remainders that are not mailed out?

You will have the option to ship the remainders to an address of your choosing, or have us recycle them for you.

Can we use our own permit instead of East Side Printing Co.’s?

No, mailing service is only offered to customers that want to use East Side Printing Co.’s permit.

Does East Side Printing Co. mail for non-profit organizations?

Yes, if you have a non-profit account with us.

Can an extra line be added to the addressing lines?

Our standard pricing includes a maximum 5 lines. Additional lines may require an extra setup and setup charge. Please call for details.

Is mailing service offered on jobs done by other printers?

No, mailing service can only be done with jobs printed by 4over Inc. We cannot address or tab jobs done by other printers as well.

What types of files are acceptable for mailing list?

We accept the following formats: .xls (Excel [recommended]), .csv (Comma delimited), .txt (ASCII text file). You should have subject headings: Full Name, Company, Address 1, Suite/Apt, City, State, Zip.

What class of mail is offered?

Presorted Standard:

  • 200 pieces required to qualify for Presort Standard.
  • Post office delivery time is estimated two weeks.
  • Cheapest postage rate but longest delivery time.

Presorted First Class

  • 500 pieces required to qualify for Presort First Class.
  • Post office delivery time is estimated 1 – 3 business days.

Non-Presort First Class

  • 200 pieces to qualify for Non-Presort First Class.
  • Post office delivery time is estimated 1- 3 business days.
  • Non-Presort First Class is the same as placing a stamp on an envelope (no discount).

Non-Profit (Standard)

  • 200 pieces to qualify for Non-Profit mail.
  • Customer needs to provide proper documentation to qualify for Non-Profit rate. *(PS Form 3623)
  • Post office delivery time is estimated two weeks (Same as Presort Standard).
  • Uses customer’s Non-Profit account with 4over’s permit number.

What is Bundling and how does it work?

Bundling offers the convenience of sorting print orders into predetermined quantities for ease of use by you, your customers or for EDDM purposes. Orders will be bundled in quantities of either 50 or 100 pieces and they will be banded in accordance with USPS EDDM banding requirements.

Please Note:

  • Processing time for bundling your product may not be included in the turnaround time that you select when placing your order.
  • Please add 1 to 2 days to your turnaround time for this service.
  • The type of band we use may vary per facility subject to availability (Paper band shown below).
  • The maximum quantity offered for bundling is 25,000 pieces.

Can we ink jet on East Side Printing Co.’s products using a different mailing house?

We do not guarantee or recommend this. Our ink jet machine uses a solvent-based ink and has a heating system to dry the ink. If you would still like to use a different mailing house, we suggest taking a sample of the product you will order to the mailing house for their approval.

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