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Paper stock





Paper stock




Simply submit your print-ready letterhead & company envelope design or work with our team of designers to create a custom company-branded design. We use only the highest-quality paper stock with various options of weight, texture, and color.

We can design it! 

Don’t have access to a designer? We’re available to solve that dilemma.  Our experienced team can work with you on flyer design and other brochure printing options for your business.

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Printing a Custom Letterhead

With email being the communication medium of choice in the business world today, any kind of communication that’s printed on letterhead will allow your business to stand out from the competition. At East Side Printing Co., we provide top-quality production of custom letterhead and envelopes on linen or 70# bright white text to make your next communication the most effective it can be.

When you want to increase the overall impact of your marketing message, there are few better ways than to say it in print. Just imagine your full-color logo printed clearly and beautifully on high quality paper that feels like you’ve got to take it serious when you’re holding it in your hands. Talk to us if you need assistance with design — we’re always happy to help out.

What to Consider When Printing a Custom Letterhead

It’s easy to go overboard, but it’s wise to resist the temptation — when you’re designing letterhead, sticking with simplicity is often the best way to go. And because you undoubtedly will be using the letterhead to communicate other messages, it’s important to structure the design elements according to a visual hierarchy; this way, the eye will naturally flow across the page, taking in your logo and information, but not at the expense of your message. That said, use color sparingly. Again, you want the content on the page to be what your audience focuses on the most.

And last, don’t forget the paper stock! High quality paper can say so much about a business, and adding another element with paper texture can finish off letterhead with class.

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