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How to Assess Business Card Quality Like a Diamond

When it comes to actual cash value, your business cards aren’t worth that much. If they are, then you may be paying too much for them. Jokes aside, a well-designed, high quality business card can be worth more than its weight in diamonds if it successfully makes paying clients out of those who receive it. Not sure if your business cards are up to snuff? Let’s learn how to assess business card quality with the eyes of a journeyman jeweler. Learn how to assess business card quality now.


5 Things to Always Keep in Mind When You’re Designing Business Cards

These days, many of your potential customers will discover your business via social media or search, so it’s crucial that your website makes the right impression. Having said that, plenty of your prospects will also learn of your company the old-fashioned way, via word-of-mouth or business cards. The only way to control what people are saying about your business is to provide great service, but we’re sure you’re already doing that. However, you do have control over your business cards, so it’s definitely worth your time to make sure they’re sending the right message. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when you’re designing your own business cards.

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